I give God thanks for this opportunity to serve his people and be a guide to those who desire to serve in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. At the seat of the 36th Biennial Session, President Bell and I met with young adults to listen to concerns and suggestions they desired to share. That meeting provided great insight and shaped my vision for a stronger church and Lay organization. During my tenure, I along with the support of the YARs across connection, will begin developing a YAR Handbook. To be used as a training tool for young adults which will focus on the fundamentals of this position and the Lay Organization, discipleship, global leadership, and Lay ministry. Also, I will strive to address the social and spiritual needs of youth within our connectional church and communities by providing relative programs, activities, and events that will allow youth in districts 1-20 to build a strong foundation of faith, further enabling them to express and share their faith through their own words, actions and deeds. Lastly, we will work to further discredit the ideology that one must wait to assume a position in which qualifications are met due to age or tenure within the organization. Everyone should be allowed to use their individual talents in order to nurture their growth as people of faith.

This year we will build upon the progressive legacies and accomplishments of past Connectional YARs and those who served with them. As we move onward to greater works, I plan to engage in the following activities for the next year:

  • Support activities and attend meetings of the YPD, RAYAC, YAM and other ministries within the church.
  • Work the President Bell, Director of Lay Activities Reaves, and Executive Board members to develop trainings and materials that will promote intergenerational programming on all levels.
  • Quarterly conference calls with Episcopal District YARs
  • Attend the 2018 YPD LTI in Dallas, Texas with President Bell
  • Attend the Christian Education Congress
  • Travel to LOADI to be held in the 19th Episcopal District
  • Development of a Lay Organization College Network
  • Regional Trainings
  • Increased social media presence to be fully functional on the Connectional level and mirrored on the Episcopal District level.

I look forward to the work that lies ahead and I begin this journey with President Bell and the board. I know it is not chance that God has placed me in this position, at this present time. I thank the CLO and members of the 7th Episcopal District for the tremendous amount of love and support. During my tenure as Connectional YAR, I will always walk humbly with God to do justice and while loving all that I meet with kindness.

Jamesha J. Williams
Young Adult Representative
Connectional Lay Organization