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Once again Laity! It is without a doubt that I am humbled to share with each of you the “We Speak Newsletter January 2022 Edition” approved by the CLO President, Bro. Mitakane  Abednego Makiti. https://online.flippingbook.com/view/36572925/
(Please click on the flyer on page eleven (11) to register for the upcoming CLO Spring Executive Board Meeting in New Orleans, April 7-9, 2022.

Please note: On behalf of Bishop Wicker, President Makiti, DOPR Battle, the CLO Executive Board,  PR’S Globally, Advisors to the CLO-Director of Public Relations, and members of the Lay Organization on all levels across the Globe. You are the reason this electronic version exist. As you flip the pages we pray you will have a unique experience as you read each article written.

YAR’S we still need you to come on board with us. I am creating a special place for you in all areas of the CLO Director of Public Relations Office as directed by President Makiti in his “Vision Statement.”

Thank You for this opportunity of service to you individually and collectively. Let us continue “Living A Global Witness Ministry That Transforms, Transcends and Liberates.”

“Together We Can Do this!”

DOPR Battle