Bishop Stafford J.N. Wicker

Lay Commissioner

Dr. Dorothy Henderson

1st Vice President

Simon Letsoko

2nd Vice President

Lovie Aaron

3rd Vice President

Monica Hudson Green

Recording Secretary

Special election to take place in December 2021

Assistant Recording Secretary

Cheryl Hammond-Hopewell

Corresponding Secretary

Lyndia M. Mayo, I

Financial Secretary

Kathy Drayton


Charlie Nichols


Wanda Sims


Ms. Patricia Wright

Director of Lay Activities

Dianne H. Battle

Director of Public Relations

Jamesha Williams

Young Adult Representative

Mrs. Cheryl Hammond Hopewell

First District President

Mr. Matthew Douglas

Second District President

Lenora Brogdon Wyatt Ph.D

Third District President

Mr. Jerry Turner

Fourth District President

Lamar D. Rose

Fifth District President

Mr. Michael Brown

Sixth District President

Keith Britton

Seventh District President

Patricia Campbell

Eighth District President

Bernella Knight Rose

Ninth District President

Dr. Rodrick Moore

Tenth District President

Ms. Patricia Wright

Eleventh District President

Dr. Dorothy Henderson

Twelfth District President

Ms. Dorothy Ealy

Thirteenth District President

Garfield Mason

Fourteenth District President

Mzwake "Chris" Qwane

Fifteenth District President

Shirlane Hendrickson Thomas

Sixteenth District President

Caesar Kalenga

Seventeenth District President

Mr. Edwin Lehasa

Eighteenth District President

Lesiba Amos Sekoala

Nineteenth District President

Qedindala Khumalo

Twentieth District President

Dr. Willie C. Glover

President Emeritus

Gloria Byrd

Advisor to the President

Mr. John Thomas, III

Advisor to the President

Daphney Chuma

Advisor to the President

Marcus T. Henderson

Advisor to the President

Thelma Kennedy Malveaux

Advisor to the President

Mrs. Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker

AME V ALERT Chairperson

Attorney Patricia Mayberry

Election Committee Chairperson

Mr. Keith Britton

Organizational & Officers Effectiveness Chairperson

Libertha Dewina Mutambo

Constitution & Bylaws Chairperson

Cynthia Gordon Floyd

Budget & Finance Chairperson

Herbert Mngadi

Global Development Chairperson

Mr. Earl Knight III

Music Committee Chairperson

Betty J. Tuggle

Nominating Committee Chairperson

Mark A. Johnson

Legislation Committee Chairperson

Jeffrey Presley

Audit Committee Chairperson

Reginald McGill

Social Action Chairperson

Jeffery W. Norfleet II, EdD

Educational Institutions Chairperson

Judge Derek Anderson


Chenay Saunders