On behalf of Connectional Lay President, Mr. Matikane A. Makiti, Lay Commissioner, Bishop Stafford Wicker and the First Vice Presidents on all Levels, we
would like to thank each of you for your participation and attendance in the Lay Membership Recruitment Explosion Day!

I am still Excited about our Highly motivated Membership Recruitment and Retention Day Celebration!!!  We had 648 on zoom, 432 on Facebook and 143 on one screen in the 15th District, giving us a total of 1,223. In the future I will share with you our updated membership additions.

Please use the Membership Explosion Day Video  Success Stories and Testimonies as a recruitment tool. There will be more strategies to come in the forseeable future.

Yours for the Advancement of the Lay Organization,
Dr. Dorothy Henderson
CLO First Vice President”


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