Connectional Lay Economic Development Corporation

The purpose of the CLEDC is to provide financial assistance to the Connectional institutions and projects; a financial base for lay ministries, outreach missions, and long-term financial programs for the denomination.

The CLEDC is a not-for-profit corporation under the auspices of the Connectional Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The CLEDC is a continuation of the legacy of Richard Allen, the founding father, who preached a message of religious freedom, political empowerment, and economic self-determination.

Money contributed to the CLEDC will be handled by the CLEDC Finance Committee. All of the members of the CLEDC Finance Committee shall be fully bonded.

The checks and balances shall include full financial reporting on a quarterly basis; an annual external audit; availability of all financial records for inspection upon written request; and a six-part receipts system for every contribution received.

The initial membership fee shall be sixty ($60.00) dollars for an individual membership. The membership fee for an organization shall be seventy five dollars ($75.00). Multi-year memberships may be secured at a reduced rate of twenty dollars ($20.00) per five years. Membership Fees, Adjustment of shall be an agenda item during each Annual Meeting.

The membership runs from the day of registration until the same date a year later. Multi-year memberships will be calculated accordingly. Members will be notified of their expiration date in sufficient time to accommodate an uninterrupted membership.

  • Brother Matikane Abednego Makiti, President
  • Judge Dr. Derek Anderson, Chairman


NOTE: Please forward all membership form and payments to your Episcopal District President.

To request a copy of the By-Laws of CLEDC, please send a request to Atty. Rita Sinkfield Belin via email to: