Annette Caldwell Jones was born in St. Paul, Minnesota to O’Neal and Margarite Caldwell.  She was raised in Topeka, Kansas, her family was active in the AME Church and civic and political organizations. Her mother was active in the League of Women Voters and National Association of Colored Women. Her father worked for Kansas Governor Harry Hines Woodring. President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Gov. Woodring to serve as Secretary of War (now Dept of Defense.

Annette was educated in Topeka public schools and attended Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. Mrs. Jones was a member of St. Paul AME in Washington, DC, joining under the pastorate of Rev. George (Tookie) Ransom Reid. At St. Paul she was a member of steward and trustee boards. The church’s Lay Organization is named in her honor. She was a Life Member of the Women’s Missionary Society and served on all levels of its organization.

One of her outstanding accomplishments was her service as a member and chair of the Legislation Committee of the Connectional Lay Organization (CLO). She served for 30 years in the CLO and during this tenure led the movement that created the legislation for an automatic seat for the Episcopal District Presidents. She served as Third Vice-President of the CLO. Annette took great pride in being elected a delegate to the A.M.E. Church General Conference six times and her service on the Revisions Committee crafting church laws. She was an advisor and consultant to several presidents of Connectional and District Lay Organizations. She served as a DOLA in the Washington Conference.

Mrs. Jones was 1st female president of the Greater Washington Council of Churches. (2000-2004), Ward 4 Democratic Party, Red Cross, United Way, National Federation of Democratic Women, Grand Order of the Eastern Star and many other organizations. She worked and strategized in many campaigns on local and national levels. She worked tirelessly in the campaign to get Senator Barrack Obama elected US President.

Submitted by Darwin Curry

2nd District Historiographer