Connectional Lay Organization African Methodist Episcopal Church

Bishop E. Earl McCloud Jr, Lay Commission Chair Mr. Abe Makiti, CLO President
Dr. Felecia Commodore, Chair Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

CLO Election of Officers for 2021-2024
The Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church 2016

The Nominating Committee of the Connectional Lay Organization of the African Methodist Church is now accepting (Letter of Intent) for the positions as officers in the Connectional Lay Organization for 2021 – 2024.

Please read and follow the instructions listed below:

  • Any person seeking an elected office in the Connectional Lay Organization must be a member in “good and regular standing” in their Local Lay Organization, Presiding Elder District (If applicable), Annual Conference, and Episcopal District Lay Organizations, and must possess the qualifications required for the position being sought. (CLO Const & By-Laws (2016), Article 6)
  • Any candidate for the elected office must have registered and attended (3) Biennial Sessions as a delegate, alternate delegate, or observer within a (10) year period immediately preceding the election year.
  • All persons seeking an elected office must submit to the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee a “Letter of Intent” with qualifications having been signed by the Episcopal District Lay Organization President.
  • The “Letter of Intent” must be returned to the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee by certified mail, its international equivalent, and/or electronic mail postmarked/time stamped on or before 11:59 PM EST, January 15, 2021. Letters of Intent received after that date and time will not be accepted.
  • Candidates will be notified by February 15, 2021, verifying that they have met the qualifications for the office they are seeking.
  • During the April 2021, Connectional Lay Organization Executive Board Meeting; the eligible candidates will be presented for approval. After the Executive Board’s decision, eligible candidates can begin campaigning.
  • Any candidate campaigning before notified of his/her eligibility will be disqualified. Campaigning is defined as (a) placing ads in souvenir journals or any AMEC publications, i.e., newsletters, etc., (b) distributing campaign literature/paraphernalia and (c) visiting formal functions of any lay organization or its subordinate bodies with the expressed purpose of campaigning.
  • No elected officer may hold more than two positions beyond the local level in the Lay Organization. (CLO Const. & By-Laws, Article 6, Section 5)
  • Members of the Nominating Committee shall be ineligible for nomination by the committee for any elected position to be filled.
  • If a sitting Episcopal District Lay President is nominated then the Episcopal District Lay First Vice-President must sign in place of the president’s signature on the Letter of Intent

Connectional Lay Organization
2020 Nominating Committee Members

Felecia Commodore, Chairperson – 2nd District
Michael Brown, Vice Chairperson – 6th District
Erin Youngue – YAR- 3rd District
Ruben Braziel – 10th District
Qedindaba Khumalo – 20th District
Donna Lee Chandler – 1st District
Veronica Wiley – 9th District

Nomination Forms can be obtained online or from:

Dr. Felecia Commodore, Chairperson of Nominating Committee
3805 Cape Henry Ave. Norfolk, VA 23513
Phone: 302-584-7977

Letter of Intent with qualifications must be Certified Mail and/or electronic mail postmarked/time stamped by 11:59 PM, January 15, 2021
You can also download the Letter of Intent form below.

Download Letter of Intent form here